See the Unseen

What to you remains unseen
doesn’t make it forgotten
An illustrious sheen
to something or someone
A small step around the world
can be felt in a big way across it



A keeper of dreams
A guardian of faded memories
Treasure to some
Junk to most
Capable of joy,
just as much as heartbreak
Left to the dust of time,
they are home to stories
Some rekindled after years,
some never uttered again
At once a preserver of the past
and destroyer for the future
The walls go up,
the walls come down
Time after time
Year after year
But it lives on,
life embedded within
To begin a new chapter again

I Like It Like That

I like it like that
The beat of the Spanish feet
The sweet treat of an ocean breeze
I like it like that
You laying by my side
You taking me along for the ride
I like it like that
Days getting lost in nothing
Days aspiring to be everything
And when it all comes to an end
I can look back and be content
I like it like that

Thirsty Thursday

Just one more drink
that’s all I’ll have
Then maybe life won’t be so bland
Just two more drinks and
I’ll be happy
and loved
Just three more drinks and
maybe i’ll tell her how I feel,
finally get to something real
But first,
how did I end up on the floor?


The wind blows
The birds chirp
Clouds glide like a feather in gravity
The world thrives and breathes on routine
we humans seek to avoid it
To us routine is a death sentence
a sign of giving up
This bores us
We want excitement,
to be surprised by what comes next
when life wasn’t meant to be guessed
So we run far and away
only to find more of the same
Why fight what we’re programmed for
because then the end could mean so much more
Still the nights pass by
Still the nights pass by

What If

Could she have been the blonde on the train
Or the redhead perched on the sidewalk curb
What if it was her standing in the rain
that one in the coffee shop you wouldn’t disturb
maybe these chance encounters would lead to something more
if fate had decided there was something left in store
what could have been done with just one more minute,
one more second,
one more word exchanged,
one more glance over
always obsessing over the ‘what if’
when all that we get is the ‘what is’
life may never live up to what you want it to be
that’s why you make the most of what you can see
even if in a parallel universe you had everything you ever wanted
the whisper of ‘what if’ would leave your mind eternally haunted